Twitter — #yesforrealz

So, I’m on Twitter now.  And I have 28 followers!  Yeah, I don’t get too excited about that either.  They’re mostly local businesses, politicians, and writers or musicians trying to sell me something.

I follow local news and weather, as well as local and not so local authors, editors, actors, and musicians I like, writing-related feeds, the Royals, and the Ducks.  Then there are the guys who just post funny stuff.  I wish I could find more of them because the news can be overwhelmingly depressing.

The immediacy of Twitter is what fascinates me.  I hear about stuff very quickly.  And a little exclusively, which I like.  My own personal news feed, it’s becoming my main source for news.  Or at least a jumping off point for follow up.  If something shows up in my feed, then I move on to a bigger news site.

When there was the wildfire threatening my boss’s neighborhood, the fire department was tweeting updates, which I then texted to the boss because his information was out of date.

And if I don’t like someone’s info, I can just quit following them.  For instance, I don’t follow CNN, but I do follow people who comment on the news of the day.  So they’re like my news filters.  For instance, two people tweeted about the shootings in Dallas, not specifically mentioning it, but referencing it, so I was curious and looked into it.  I didn’t start my day with death and destruction.  I started my day with Prince George sitting in a vintage airplane and Prince Charles sitting on a vintage motorcycle.

And sometimes, a little nugget lands that turns into a whole big-ass event for me, as evidenced by the fact that I got to see Stephen King, in person!  More on that later.

Follow me @NevadaNerd.  Or not.