So Many Projects, So Little Focus

Actually, that’s not really true. Yes, I have a lot of projects piled up around here. But when I’m working on a particular project, I’m very focused and it consumes me.

My problem isn’t lack of ideas.  My problem is carrying those ideas through creation, editing, and finally, completion.

Some people would say that I should focus on just one project and get the darn thing done. In a perfect world, I would do that. But I quite obviously don’t work in a perfect world. I’m currently bogged down in the minutiae of the middle grade project, and it gives me a break from frustration to work on one of these romances. I’m taking some of the solutions to problems I’m having with Project A and using them in Projects B and C. Project D is in an extremely rough phase and I plan to use lessons learned in the other projects to avoid those same problems completely in Project D.

I’ve lived with these projects for many years and know I’ll eventually get back to all of them. In the meantime, I’m enjoying the process. While a nice big contract is an admirable goal, it’s the journey that’s half the fun, right? RIGHT?!?