Books for Inspiration

Still trying to get the creative motor revved up. Still failing. My new plan is to re-read inspirational writing books. Not “inspirational” as in faith-based, because that’s not how I roll in this shire, but “inspirational” as in “yes, THAT’s what I’m talking about! I must get back to work and write like THIS!”

Below are a couple of books that I find help me to no end. Keep in mind that these are just my preferences. If others work for you, let me know

Evanovich is one of my favorite authors. She’s fun to read and it’s interesting to get inside her writing process. I’ve got a lot of flags in this book and I would be a happy girl indeed if I had even a smidgen of her success. It also doesn’t hurt that Stephanie Plum is quoted with great frequency.

Ah, Chris Baty. One of the brains behind National Novel Writing Month. This book was written with that crazy endeavor in mind and I still read it on an annual basis, just to be reminded about how fun writing SHOULD be. Another heavily flagged book.

The Master of all that he surveys, Stephen King not only writes great books, he’s written a great book about writing. This is also a great memoir, without all the writing stuff. But it’s the writing stuff I want.

Because, well, her books have it all – Characterization, plot, description, suspense. I keep re-reading, hoping something will rub off in my writing.