What to Do, What to Do…

Okay, I’ve had my time off. And it was GOOD. But now I need to get back to work. And as I review my projects, I can’t decide what to work on. So many projects, so little progress/positive feedback/energy.

In a perfect world, I would have just sent my perfect manuscript off to my perfect agent/editor. You know, the one who gave me a January 31st deadline, which I’ve beaten by a month. My agent/editor has a publisher lined up and my book will be out by the end of year. After a week off, preferably on a warm beach, I’d get back to work, starting the next book in the series with the knowledge that the publisher and the public would welcome it with open arms.

Alas, it’s just not so. My story is half done and there are issues with plot and character. Editing has bogged down in minutiae, and feedback is brutally harsh.

So, do I continue to whip this horse, trying to get it to the finish line, or do I switch horses in the middle of the stream?

I’m sorely tempted to start researching ANOTHER book. Yeah, THAT’s what I need – another unfinished book in a box.

Or I could work on the next most completed book, something with real horses to whip.

Then there’s the story with huge gaps to fill. Yes, there’s a lot of EDITING to be done, but there’s a lot of WRITING to be done, first.

Then there’s that NANO project that I stuck in a drawer at the end of the month, and NEVER LOOKED AT AGAIN. I’m sure it’s brilliant, in places. But also know that the ending collapsed.

And then there’s the novel started and not yet finished which might make a better novella or even a short story.

Which brings me to the idea of writing a short story right now. Quick turnaround, satisfying result, and an all-around ego boost.

I may not know what to do, yet, but I know my options. And at least I don’t seem to have a problem with writer’s block.