The Reading That’s Stacking Up

My friend Lorie turned me on to Bookbub, the witch.  Now a list of titles for my consideration lands in my in-box EVERY SINGLE DAY.  So I not only have an extensive library of honest-to-gawd paper books, I also have this itty bitty thing I can tuck into my purse that is stuffed with books I haven’t read.  So many books, so little time.

But the Bookbub thing has brought up and interesting question about the value of the written word.  Do I value those free/cheap e-books less than the paper books collecting dust in my office?  The stuff on Bookbub is cheap – $2.99 or less.  And the stuff I usually buy is on the free side.

I admit that my attitude toward e-books is a tad different than my attitude toward a traditional paper book, or even an electronic one I paid for full price for.  And it’s all based on how quickly I read them once they’re on my Kindle.

E-books that I’ve checked out of the library get read quickly because I only have them for a few weeks.  The time-constraint lights a fire under my e-behind.

E-books that I buy, I read fairly quickly because I made a conscious choice to find them.

Free e-books on the other hand, languish, waiting for me to get around to them.  They’re not a priority, but I do feel a sense of anticipation when I think of them there, waiting for me.  Could it be I’m an e-hoarder?

I value good writing, and a good story, be it electronic or paper.  I just wish I had the time to read everything I want to read.  That problem begs a closer look at my priorities.