It’s Launch Day for Wilma’s Book

So, I opened my Kindle this morning and Wilma‘s new book arrived.


Ain’t technology grand?  Books delivered to your lap, much like milk was delivered in days of yore.

Wilma writes Regencies.  Good Regencies.  Not just bodice rippers in an era when they actually had bodices to rip.  No, she looks at history and the challenges of the time, women’s rights, labor conflicts and all the things that make for a fascinating, multi-layered, and thrilling historical novel.  And she does it with a sure touch and a sense of humor.

As an early reader, I was lucky enough to watch Wilma’s latest child grow from Page 1.  It was a Master Class in how to write a book.

I want to write like Wilma when I grow up.

Now, what’s up with this ad from Prilosec with Larry the Cable Guy?  Ah, technology?