Reading at Sundance Books

I did a reading at Sundance Books in Reno as part of the promotional hoopla surrounding Tahoe Blues.  I’ve never done a reading before.  I’ve never really attended a reading before, either, but I went to the book launch readings up at Lake Tahoe Community College and here are some tips I picked up:

  • Print your story in large print to make it easier to read
  • Read slowly, pausing for the laughs that are sure to come
  • Occassionally, look up from what you’re reading
  • Get your hair out of your eyes

You know, basic stuff.

But I mostly learned that if people are at a reading, they’re already happy to hear what you have to say.  They’ve probably already read your story.  They want to be there.  They’re on your side.  There’s no need to try to convince them of anything.

And that takes a lot of pressure off.

Earlier in the week, I sent an e-mail blast to my friends and family in the Reno area and was tickled to death when some of them actually showed up.  And bought the book.  And asked me to autograph it!  I mean how cool is it to have a posse of supporters in the audience?

My sister, serendipitiously, was visiting from Colorado and so brought my mother and a friend to the reading.  Mom wasn’t planning to make the trip. 

Another family member, a local musician, came and showed his support, just as we’ve visited divey venues to show our support of his work.  Support the local arts!

The Sundance Books crew are also my peeps, seeing as it’s my “home bookstore” so to speak.  They did an awesome job of making us feel welcome, supporting us and arranging the venue for maximum capacity.  Because we did have a crowd.  A very appreciative crowd.

Such fun.  And there was the autographing of books, the meeting of the other authors and spending time with Kim Wyatt from Bona Fide Books, the publisher, who is very cool.  I didn’t get nearly enough time with her.

My particular reading went well, except for a few stumbles and a muffed punchline.  I only had a couple of snorts out of that flask and I tried to remember the words of my friend Jodie:

“I wish you calm nerves and a bold voice.”